These are some of the Ford Idaho Center’s most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us.

Accessibility/ADA Information

It is the full intent of the Ford Idaho Center to meet or exceed the specific standard requirements for people with disabilities. The Ford Idaho Center continues to make improvements to meet and exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards.

  • Extra wide doors at all access points, including restrooms.
  • Ramp access specifically designed to meet ADA standards.
  • Restrooms properly equipped for people with disabilities.
  • Shuttles meet guests at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp and take them to the Main Gate.
  • Shuttles will also return patrons to the bottom of the pedestrian ramp after the event is over.
  • Special parking is available at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp and outside the Sports Complex.

Ford Idaho Center has partnered with KultureCity to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory needs.  For more information please refence the KultureCity section of the A-Z Guide.

Accessible Parking

  • ADA parking areas can be found along the west wall of the Sports Complex.
  • Arena & Amphitheater - ADA parking is located on the south & west side of the arena/amphitheater complex.
  • For additional parking information please see the Parking section

Accessible Seating

  • Wheelchair accessible seating is available at all ticket prices. Guests requiring wheelchair accessible and companion seating should notify the ticket seller at the time of purchase.
  • Accessible seating is available at the Ford Idaho Center Ticket Office, by calling (208) 442-3232, and at
  • Permanent accommodations for ADA seating are available in both the Arena & Amphitheater. Please inquire at (208) 468-1000.

Administrative Office

The administrative offices are located on the West side of the concourse in between Entry 1 and Entry 2. At the majority of ticketed events, the administrative offices will be open and hold/provide the following services:

  • Lost and Found
  • Purchase Earplugs
  • Assisted Listening Devices (need to be requested in advance)

Please see our Contact Page for more information.


Leafletting and/or papering vehicles is not permitted.

To advertise at the Ford Idaho Center please contact corporate partnerships at 208-442-3363, or email


Automated External Defibrillators (AED's)

The Ford Idaho Center is equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED), which can save lives in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. In the Ford Idaho Center Arena the AED is located right inside the main doors at Entry 1. In the Ford Idaho Sports Center the AED is located on the South Side of the building next to the offices.


To ensure the safety and enjoyment for all guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times. Please follow the directions of the usher in your section to your assigned ticketed seat and refrain from standing in the aisles. Dancing, lingering, etc. in the aisles is not permitted for the safety of all guests.

Alcohol Policy

For most of our events at the Ford Idaho Center, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. All venue bartending staff is trained in the recognized Serve Safe training program for responsible alcohol management. Guests are expected to obey all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, and consumption of alcohol. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcohol beverages. Guests must discard alcoholic beverage before exiting the building.

In addition the following items are to be noted:

  • All guests will be required to show ID to purchase alcohol.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any guest.
  • Alcohol sales will be limited per customer per transaction, based on the event.
  • Management reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who appears impaired.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring in alcoholic beverages from outside and may not leave with alcohol purchased inside FIC.
  • Management reserves the right to eject anyone under the age of twenty-one (21) who is observed to be in possession of or consuming alcohol on the premises.

Animal Policy

Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities. The Ford Idaho Center does meet the specific standard requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act/Service Animals. Service animals are welcome inside the building but must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times.

ASL Services

American Sign Language (ASL) services can be arranged by advance request by contact the box office at 208-442-3232


ATM’s are available on site for public use at all Ford Idaho Center Events.

Bag Policy

Bag policies may change based on the venue, event, and tour specifications.  The general bag policy can be found at the VENUE POLICY page.  

Event specific bag policy information is also included in the Know Before You Go email sent to ticekt purchasers.  


Please visit our Food & Beverage Page.

Beverages & Concessions

No outside Food or Beverage. Must be 21 and older for alcohol consumption.

Bottles, cans, coolers, or other similar containers are not permitted.

Water fountains are available at the Arena and Sports Complex.

Please see our Food & Beverage page for more info.

Box Office

IC Tickets is an affiliate of Ford Idaho Center servicing all Ford Idaho Center events: arena,amphitheater, and horse park, as well as Nampa Civic Center, the Idaho Horseman, Snake River Stampede, and more.  

Ticket is located at 16200 Idaho Center Blvd., Nampa, ID.  (208) 442-3232.

Phone hours for the ticketing office are Monday - Thursday, 10a - 3p.
Open for all events sold through IC Tickets held at Ford Idaho Center.

Cameras & Recording Devices

For details please see Venue Policy.  Call 208-468-1000 for any camera questions pertaining to a specific event. Use of video cameras and/or audio recording devices is prohibited in the Ford Idaho Center.

The Ford Idaho Center reserves the right to examine and prohibit the use of any camera that conflicts the policy set by an event.

Cancelled Events

In the case of an event cancellation, ticket holders will be notified of the cancellation as soon as possible by email.

If you purchased your tickets via ICtickets with a debit/credit card, then your card will automatically be refunded.

If you paid in cash you may request a refund from ICtickets. Refunds for cash purchases will be made by check.

Photocopy your ticket(s) and keep a copy for your records.

Mail the original ticket(s) to: ICtickets, 16114 Idaho Center Blvd Ste 1, Nampa, ID 83687

Also include your name and address where the check should be mailed. You should receive your check within 2 weeks.

Refunds will only be made to the original ticket purchaser. If you purchased your tickets via a third party you must obtain your refund from them.



The Ford Idaho Center provides a full in house catering service and can accommodate a variety of banquets and/or parties. The full service catering can service groups of any size with customizable menu options.

See our Food & Beverage page for more information.


See Lawn Chair Policy

Code of Conduct

To create a safe and friendly environment for all guests!

We expect all who enter Ford Idaho Center properties including parking lots to adhere to this Code. Failure to follow this Code may result in ejection from Ford Idaho Center, revocation of ticket privileges, and/or arrest.

The following actions are violations of the Guest Code of Conduct:

  • Fighting, taunting, instigating or encouraging any action that may harm, endanger, threaten, or bring discomfort to anyone.
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures concerning a person’s race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, creed, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or national origin.
  • Any action that causes a disruption, creates an unsafe environment or interferes with the event including throwing or dropping any object in the arenas or amphitheaters.
  • Actions that impair others’ ability to enjoy the event, including mistreatment of other guests, verbal abuse, harassment, profanity, confrontation, intimidation, or threatening and irresponsible behavior.
  • Unreasonably obstructing the view of other guests.
  • Failure to follow the directions of staff and/or law enforcement, including refusal to produce proof of ticket or refusal to submit to security screening inclusive of physical searches prior to entering.
  • Sitting in a location other than your ticketed seat, any unauthorized use of disabled seating areas, lingering in aisles, stairways, or unauthorized areas of the stadium.
  • Possession or consumption of illegal or prohibited drugs or substances.
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment or substance abuse that results in irresponsible behavior.
  • Smoking inside the arenas or amphitheater, including the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes.  Designated smoking areas are located throughout the property.
  • Possession of any item listed on the Ford Idaho Center Prohibited Items List.
  • Clothing that is deemed offensive, obscene, or inappropriate by staff.
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism, or theft of any property.
  • Any action in violation of any local, state, or federal policy.  

Tailgating ends at the start of the event.  There is no loitering or tailgating in the parking areas during or after the event. Those participating in these activities are subject to ejection from the property, revocation of event tickets, citation and/or arrest for trespassing. All parking lots are cleared one hour after the end of the event.

Comments, Concerns & Questions

We welcome all comments, concerns and questions at the Ford Idaho Center. Contact us directly at our Contact Page or email us at, or call us at 208-468-1000.


Ford Idaho Center regularly participates in contesting and giveaways.  Click below for complete contesting rules for all contests managed by Ford Idaho Center

Complete Contest Rules


Via Interstate I84 westbound from Boise:

Take Exit 38 and continue right approximately one-half mile to the traffic light. Continue straight through the traffic light and drive one-quarter mile and turn right into the Ford Idaho Center's parking lot.

 Via Interstate I84 eastbound from Caldwell and Ontario Oregon:

Take Exit 38 and turn left and drive approximately one-half mile to the traffic light. Continue straight through the traffic light and drive one-quarter mile and turn right into the Ford Idaho Center's parking lot.

Via Franklin Road (Meridian):

Continue west on Franklin Road past Star Road approximately three quarters of a mile and turn right into the parking lot (entrance past the Service Entry). This parking lot has the most handicapped parking spaces.

Via State Street (Highway 44), Chinden Boulevard, and Cherry Lane:

Continue west past Star Road for one mile and turn left onto Ford Idaho Center Blvd. Continue south (three miles Highway 44, 2 miles Chinden)

For more details visit our Directions and Parking Information page.

Discounts - Senior & Military

Please check each specific event page for more information.


Charities and other non-profit groups requesting donation or auction items from the Ford Idaho Center should submit a request via our online donation form.  

Please note completion of the submission of form does not guarantee approval and Ford Idaho Center will reach out directly for follow up as needed.  

Please allow at least three (3) weeks for processing.


Drones are prohibited by any patron attending any event either inside or outside the Ford Idaho Center campus.

Ear Plugs

Guests are welcome to bring ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones into the Ford Idaho Center arena or amphitheater. Ear plugs are available for purchase for $1 (cash only) at the administrative office during the majority of shows.

Emergency Services & First Aid

Please contact Ford Idaho Center event staff if you or someone you are with has been injured. Event staff can call on site paramedics or will contact management if further treatment is needed. Closest hospital is less than 2 miles away from venue.

At larger arena events the First Aid table is often located on the West side concourse in between Entry #1 and Entry #2. For Amphitheater shows, the First Aid table is located right inside the gate at the patron entry point.


We are always accepting applications. Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a valid U.S. Driver’s License. Please Note: call backs depend on openings available.

Please see our Employment page for more information.

Event Booking

For event booking inquiries please contact us via our Event Booking Contact Form

Equestrian Related Information

Please see our Horse Park Page for more information.

Family-Friendly Events

We host several events throughout the year that are family friendly including but not limited to:

  • God and Country Rally
  • Idaho High School Basketball Tournaments
  • Snake River Stampede Rodeo
  • Boys and Girls Club Community Day
  • Monster Jam

Fast Pass

The Ford Idaho Center offers a Fast Pass to all ticket purchasers for event with a large General Admission capacity.

The Fast Pass gets you in the door first for $10.

To utilize the Fast Pass best, be sure to be in line prior to the opening of doors for the event; there will be a devoted lane for Fast Pass holders.

One fast pass per ticket is required, i.e., four tickets will require four Fast Passes.

First Aid

See Emergency Services & First Aid

First Amendment Policies

This policy is being implemented by the City of Nampa, doing business as the Ford Idaho Center, in an effort to comply with the preliminary injunction ordered by the United States District Court for the District of Idaho, in the case of Citizens to Repeal Idaho's Right to Work Law, Inc. v. Nampa Urban Renewal Agency, case no. CIV 04-174-S-BLW (the "Order"). The implementation of this policy is not meant to concede that the parking lots, walkways, and grounds of the Ford Idaho Center are public fora. This policy seeks to apply reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions to petitioning, free speech, and other forms of expression under the First Amendment, as provided for by the Order. All persons engaged in First Amendment activities on the Ford Idaho Center grounds are compelled to comply with the policies.

The Ford Idaho Center is a city-owned entity, leased to a private operator, who has the rights to create policy in regards to all items related to the venue & its operation. Reasonable polices are hereunder applied to 1st Amendment Rights on the privately operated Ford Idaho Center property.

Gathering Locations

There are three locations permitted for gathering, they are located in high traffic thoroughfares around the facility.

Location 1A-1: Used for Ford Horse Park events

Location 1A-2: Used for Ford Arena & Ford Amphitheater events

Location 1A-3: Used for Ford Horse Park & Ford Sports Center events

These three locations were selected due to their proximity to the venues, visibility by event attendees, flat ground, and safely out of the way of vehicle traffic. Each location will be set with bike rack in order to create a safe perimeter & to designate the gathering location. See attached map for gathering locations.

The usage of the gathering locations is to be scheduled through Ford Idaho Center management. Please contact (208) 468-1000 a minimum two weeks in advance in order to arrange for the gathering location to be constructed. Please understand that last minute requests will compromise the integrity of the gathering location and will cause delays in the setup.

General Policies:

  • Individuals exercising 1st Amendment rights are not allowed within the leased and/or non-public areas of the venue without express permission from Ford Idaho Center management or Lessee.
  • Leafletting and/or papering vehicles is not permitted.
  • The City of Nampa and the Ford Idaho Center will not unreasonably withhold the usage of the gathering locations.
  • Gatherer in the designated locations will not behave in a manner detrimental to the venue, lessee, event attendees, employees, or any other parties associated with each respective event.
  • Adherence to all the policies is required in order to keep a safe & fair place to gather.
  • In the event the listed policies and procedures are not maintained, the Ford Idaho Center reserves the right to evict the offending party, based on Nampa City Code.
  • Unannounced assemblies are subject to being trespassed.

View Map


Gifts for touring acts are strictly prohibited at the Ford Idaho Center.

Groups Sales

Please contact Nathaniel Blancett at 208-442-3259 or for more information.

Guest Services

Ford Idaho Center’s Guest Services is located in our Administrative Offices on the west concourse across from the restrooms. Guest Services team members are also stationed throughout the venue during events. Guests in need of assistance are encouraged to contact one of our team members. If you have comments, questions, or concerns during an event at the Ford Idaho Center please contact one of our guest services staff members prior to exiting the facility.


Click here for more information on Idaho High School Activities Association.

Insider Club

As an Insider VIP Club member, you'll be the first to know about upcoming shows, exclusive offers, contests, and much more. Become An Insider.


For guests who have sensory processing needs:

Ford Idaho Center has partnered with KultureCity to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory needs.  Our objective is to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for all guests including those with sensory needs.  We strive to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by individuals with sensory processing disorders by supplying our team members with continuous training and by offering the resources and accommodations below to our guests.

Sensory Bags:
Sensory bags containing special KCVIP badges, fidget tools, noise cancelling headphones, and other resources are available for checkout (at no cost by leaving an ID) at Guest Services located in our Administrative Offices on the west concourse across from the restrooms.  

Social Story and KultureCity All-Inclusive App:
Download the KultureCity All-Inclusive App to get your social story to help you further with your visit.

  • App Store:
  • Google Play:

Lawn Chair Policy

Each ampitheater event will have different chair regulations. Please refer to the specific event page for lawn chair information. When lawn chairs are allowed, seats must be low back chairs 8” legs or shorter.


The Ford Idaho Center is a complex of sports and entertainment venues located at 16200 Idaho Center Blvd., Nampa, Idaho, 83687.

Ford Idaho Center is approximately 15 miles west of Boise. The Boise Airport (BOI) is approx. a 20 minute drive.

Lost Child / Guest

Lost children/guests should be directed to our Guest Services Center, located at the Adminsitrative Offices on the Main Concourse. Parents looking for a lost child should contact the nearest Usher or Security Officer. For safety reasons Ford Idaho Center is unable to make in-arena announcements for lost children or guests.

Give a detailed description of the person(s) in question including:

  • Name
  • Location of area last seen
  • Age/Race/Sex
  • Eye and hair color
  • Height/weight/build
  • Description of clothes including shoes
  • Any distinguished characteristics

Lost & Found

The Ford Idaho Center provides lost and found services at the administrative offices located on the main concourse. Items that are returned to lost & found will be held for a period of 1 month and can be picked up during normal business hours Monday-Friday (9am-5pm). To inquire about lost and found items, or for additional questions, please send a description of the item to


The Ford Idaho Center is an Oak View Group Managed Facility


The Ford Idaho Center offers a full in-house advertising agency to accompany any and all of your advertising needs. For more information contact the marketing department at 208-442-3364 or

Media / Press

For general media inquiries, to receive press releases, or for Media Accredidation for events please contact Director of Marketing, Jacalyn Hill at or (208) 442-3364.  

Meeting Rooms

The Ford Idaho Center offers meeting rooms for small and large functions. Catering is also available for meetings, parties, and banquets. To book an event space please contact us at 208-442-3232,  by email at, or by completing the Contact Us Form


Merchandise is commonly available day of event at various locations throughout the venues.  Mobile Merch is available for your buying covenience. 

Mobile Merch is online access to event specific merchandise with ease from the comfort of your phone!  Visit for Day of Event Access to your events' merchandise store. 

To learn more about mobile merch visit  

Nampa Chamber of Commerce

Please visit the Nampa Chamber of Commerce here.


The Ford Idaho Center offers 4,000 on-site parking spaces and proudly partners with ParkMobile for pre-paid parking reservations.  Cash & credit/debit card are accepted at the lot entries. 

For more information on directions, parking, and helpful Know Before You Go details visit our Parking Information Page

Patron Ticket Program

The Patron Ticket Program is available to individuals and businesses that want to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to Ford Idaho Center events before the tickets are available to the general public. This program allows the patron the opportunity for first refusal to purchase tickets to all ticketed events for a ten-year period of time. Each Patron Ticket holder is notified in advance of all ticketed events and is allowed to purchase tickets for their seats before the event goes on sale to the general public. Patron Ticket Program donations are used for major improvements to the Ford Idaho Center. For more information about the Patron Seat program including the cost and the tax-deductibility please call (208) 468-1000 or

Payment Options accepts Visa and MasterCard. The ICtickets outlets accept Visa, MasterCard and Cash as payment for tickets. During your purchase, you will be required to accept all terms and conditions before completing your transaction. Orders are processed only after the name and billing address of the cardholder has been verified. ICtickets will only mail tickets to the name and billing address of the cardholder. No other names or addresses may be used.

If you encounter an authorization error please do not attempt to authorize your transaction again. Subsequent attempts for credit card authorization may result in your credit card issuer holding funds for pending authorizations. ICtickets is not able to release pending authorizations, only your credit card issuer can do this, according to their individual policies.

Customers must bring the credit card used to purchase their tickets and a valid photo ID. The person picking up the tickets must be the owner of the credit card.

ICtickets will not mail to Post Office Boxes unless the Post Office Box is the confirmed billing address of the credit card holder.

There are No Refunds or Exchanges. All purchases are final once the transaction is complete. No checks are accepted.

All orders are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification. ICtickets only ships tickets to the billing address. Duplicate orders that exceed the ticket limit will be cancelled without notice. This includes duplicate orders having the same name, billing address, credit card or any other identifying feature.

Phone Charging Stations

There are phone charging stations located inside the Ford Idaho Center Arena on the main concourse for patrons to use.


See Cameras & Recording Devices.

Postponed Events

Events are occasionally postponed as necessitated at the discretion of the artist, promoter or event management. In the case of an event postponement ticket holders will be notified of the rescheduled date details as soon as possible by email. If you are unable to attend the new event date please see the refund instructions listed under Cancelled Events. Note: Refund requests must be received prior to the date that specifically is detailed in the postponement announcement for refunds. Refunds will not be given after the rescheduled date has passed. Please make sure you have whitelisted or placed into your contact list to make sure that you receive important communication from ICtickets.


Premium Seating

See VIP Box Seating


Sign up to be an ICtickets Insider to receive pre-sale opportunities, get the most up-to-date news, and information about the events that interest you most. As an Insider, you'll be the first to know about upcoming shows, exclusive offers, contests, and much more.

Private Parties

There are a variety of event spaces at the Ford Idaho Center to serve groups of any size.  Catering is available for meetings, parties, and banquets. To book an event space please contact us at 208-442-3232,  by email at, or by completing the Contact Us Form

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items may change based off the venue, event, and tour specifications. 

In general, and per standing event request, the following items are prohibited at the Ford Idaho Center: weapons, laser pointers, backpacks, video cameras & recording devices, professional cameras and/or detachable lenses, umbrellas, coolers, non-service animals, balloons, glass bottles, selfie sticks, noise makers, signs, banners, posters, flags, wagons, strollers, and outside food & beverage. 

All patrons could be subject to bag searches, wanding, pat-downs, or a combination per show request. 

Promotions & Contest Terms

Dates and times of promotions, giveaways, and contests will vary and are subject to rules and regulations set forth by ICtickets and others. Tickets, promotion items, giveaways, and contest prizes are subject to availability and cannot be exchanged or refunded. ICtickets reserves the right to change rules and regulations, which will become effective upon announcement.

Employees of ICtickets, sponsors, partners, and event promoters are not eligible to participate in ICtickets contests. All who participate must be 18 years of age or older and upon participation, agree to be bound by all rules, policies, and regulations.

By participating in ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contests, participants agree to have his/her voice or likeness used in advertising or broadcasting related to ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contests without any compensation or rights to royalties for such use.

ICtickets contest winners may be required to sign a release form prior to receiving any prize. ICtickets promotions, giveaways, and contest participants and winners agree to hold ICtickets, its partners and sponsors, and event promoters harmless from and against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the promotion, giveaway or contest.

If a promotion happens after a purchase ICtickets cannot refund the tickets that were previously purchased.

Rain Policy

All performances take place rain or shine. There are no refunds, no exchanges or rain checks given to ticket holders due to rain. Umbrellas are not permitted.


The Ford Idaho Center does not allow re-entry into any ticketed event. At non-ticketed events patron will be asked to go back through security upon re-entering the building, if applicable.

Refunds & Exchanges

Before completing your ticket purchase, carefully review your event and seat selection. Policies set forth by ICtickets prohibit refunds or exchanges after a ticket has been purchased, lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.


Ford Idaho Center Arena restrooms are located on the concourse on both the East and West sides of the building.

Ford Idaho Sports Complex restrooms are located on the South Side of the building before entering the Corral.

Rodeo Club

Enjoy this elite guest services experience with impressive views of the arena floor, full bar, and featured special events. 

The Rodeo Club is a excellent space located on the second floor of the Ford Idaho Center Arena and hosts many event pre and post activites.  The rodeo club is open to the general public during most arena events with some exclusions.  The thrid week of July while the Snake River Stamepde commences the Rodeo Club becomes a private venue for Snake River Stampede members and their guests.

For pre-show receptions the Rodeo Club opens at the event's publicized door time and remains open for approximately one hour after the event.  

The rodeo club is an all ages venue during the event and while dining is offered.  

SeatGeek / Ticket Resale

To avoid disputes with counterfeit, stolen, or voided tickets guests should make all ticketing purchases through authorized outlets only. Authorized outlets include IC Tickets as the Ford Idaho Center's primary ticket service provider. Ford Idaho Center will not be responsible for validating tickets that were not purchased through an authorized outlet.


SeatGeek is an official partner of IC TIckets and is the official fan-to-fan marketplace of the Ford Idaho Center.


If you are unable to attend an event and need to re-sell your tickets, please visit SeatGeek's website or use the SeatGeek feature from your IC Tickets account. SeatGeek is able to verify that the tickets that you are purchasing are legitimate tickets to an event at the Ford Idaho Center, unlike other third-party ticketing websites.


For more details and a step by step guide to using SeatGeek please visit our Ticketing Page.

Security Screening

Walk-through metal detectors are being utilized for most events, including all concerts, assembly style functions, and most ticketed events; private events are at the discretion of the client(s).  Fans are encouraged to allow for extra time to enter events and to leave non-essential items at home.

See Something Say Something

If you See Something Say Something: Report suspicious activity to the nearest Usher or Security Officer.  

Smoking Policy

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is not permitted in all public areas indoors, including the arenas and concourses. A designated outdoor smoking area is available at all events.

Snake River Stampede

The Ford Idaho Center is the Home of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo Private memberships are available by contacting 208-468-1000.

Social Media

Ford Idaho Center official social media accounts can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Ford Idaho Center Horse Park can be found on Facebook.



The selling or sampling of merchandise, food, beverages, tickets or other items on the property without written Ford Idaho Center authorization is strictly prohibited. Scalpers will be subject to criminal trespass which can lead to arrest. Placing fliers on vehicles is strictly prohibited on Ford Idaho Center property.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact corporate partnerships at 208-442-3363 or


Strollers are prohibited for ticketed events. Subject to change, please call (208) 442-3232.


See Box Office

Venue Policy

The general venue policy per event request, the following items are prohibited at the Ford Idaho Center: weapons, laser pointers, backpacks, video cameras & recording devices, professional cameras and/or detachable lenses, umbrellas, coolers, non-service animals, balloons, glass bottles, selfie sticks, noise makers, signs, banners, posters, flags, wagons, strollers, and outside food & beverage. 

All patrons could be subject to bag searches, wanding, pat-downs, or a combination per show request. 

Small personal cameras OK 

Re-entry to the Ford Idaho Center is not allowed. 

All tickets subject to ticketing and/or handling fees.  No refunds or exchanges.  Order fees are non-refundable.

Please call 208-468-1000 with any further questions on event policies. 

*Venue Policy may change based off the event and tour specifications. 

VIP Box Seating

The Ford Idaho Center offers a wide variety of entertainment options throughout the calendar year and one of the best ways you or your business can take advantage of it is with the most exclusive experience at the complex, VIP Box seats in the Ford Amphitheater.

Located just to the right of the main stage on concrete decking above a grass berm, the VIP seating area offers the widest and most comfortable seats at the Ford Amphitheater. A truly dynamic and unique seating option, VIP Box seats offer an affordable premium seating experience with a variety of benefits:

  • Eight (8) seats per VIP box (with an option for adding additional two seats)
  • In-seat waitress service
  • Private Bar
  • Private Bathroom
  • Two (2) complimentary VIP parking passes
  • Dedicated sales and service representative
  • Access to all Amphitheater event pre-sale offers

For additional information on all Live Nation shows please contact or call 206-802-3143.


Merchandise, novelty booths, and Food vendors are available throughout the Ford Idaho Center at some events. For merchandise and novelty booths information please contact us at 208-442-3232,  by email at, or by completing the Contact Us Form.  For food & beverage vendor inquires please contact Concessions Manager Chamber Browning at

Weather Policy

Outdoor events occur rain or shine.  During summer amphitheater season when temperatures rise it is recommended guests take precautions to protect themselves from heat exposure.  

  • Stay hydrated
  • Seek shade zones
  • Wear lightweight, light colored breathable clothing
  • Watch out for your neighbors
  • Water fountains are available inside Ford Idaho Center Arena 

Emergency medical personnel are on site for each event with free misting stations.  

In some cases venue policy is amended for heat advisories.  We recommend checking the specific event pages and Know Before You Go communication for specific event details and updates.