This page is updated regularly.  Check back ofter for updates on discounts and special offers.  


8-17444-22-HGT2-HGIDay-LTO-600x600.jpgThis Limited Time Offer celebrates National Harlem Globetrotter International Day "National HGI".  Use code GLOBIE to save 30% on select tickets January 2, 2023 @ 10:00AM MST through January 7, 2023 @ 10:00PM MST.  Cannot be combined with any other offer.  Limit 8 ticekts per person.  While supplies last.  


Using Promo Codes Online (Mobile)

Step 1

On you phone or mobile device tap the "hamburger icon" (three stacked lines in the upper right).  

Step 2

Select the promotion line

Step 3

Enter the promotion code into the "Enter Promotion Code" box and click GO

This will open up new pricing on the items included in the promotional offer.1.jpg



Using Promo Codes Online (Desktop)

Step 1

Enter the Promotion Code into the "Enter Promo Code" box in the upper left of wabpage.

This will open new pricing for the items included in the promotional offer.2.jpg

Using Access Codes on ParkMobile

How to Use Access Codes on ParkMobile: 
For events and guests that have been issued or purchased Acces Codes for special discounted or free parking: 

Step 1: Visit the Ford Idaho Center ParkMobile page

Step 2: Select the desired Event

Step 3: Above the Parking Lot Details on the left hand side select "FILTERS & ACCESS CODES"

Step 4: In the pop up window enter your unique Access Code in the designated box.  Click APPLY

Step 5: This will open up special pricing

Step 6: Continue the check out process as prompted.


ParkMobile Access Code General Guide