It is the full intent of the Ford Idaho Center to meet or exceed the specific standard requirements for people with disabilities. The Ford Idaho Center continues to make improvements to meet and exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards.

  • Extra wide doors at all access points, including restrooms
  • Ramp access specifically designed to meet ADA standards
  • Restrooms properly equipped for people with disabilities
  • Shuttles meet guests at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp and take them to the Main Gate. Shuttles will also return patrons to the bottom of the pedestrian ramp after the event is over
  • The Ford Idaho Center has a guest drop-off and pick-up area that is located at Entry #3 (southeast corner of the arena)
  • Special parking is available at the bottom of the pedestrian ramp and outside the Sports Center.
Accessible Seating

Wheelchair accessible seating is available at all ticket prices. Guests requiring wheelchair accessible and companion seating should notify the ticket seller at the time of purchase. Accessible seating is available at the Ford Idaho Center Ticket Office, by calling (208) 442-3232, and at

Permanent accommodations for wheelchair seating are available in the following areas unless the production requirements of the events make them unusable.


Arena Accessible Seating


Amphitheater Accessible Seating