ID Catholic Youth Conference
Ford Sports Center
Mar. 13th - 15th 2020

From the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise:

"Bishop Peter Christensen was informed today by Pam Thomas, St. Alphonsus regional vice president for mission integration, that St. Alphonsus has decided not to supply nursing staff for this year’s Idaho Catholic Youth Conference that was scheduled for this weekend. For that reason, the conference has been cancelled.

Every year, approximately 12 nurses serve at the youth conference to care for a variety of health issues. About 125 of the nearly 2,000 young people, chaperones or volunteers who attend the conference visit the nursing station for a variety of health concerns. The fact that those nurses will not be available, on top of concerns about the COVID-19 coronavirus, prompted the decision to cancel the conference.

“ICYC is always a highlight for the young people in our Diocese, and it has historically been a source of many conversions to Christ, so this decision was not taken lightly and is certainly a sad one for our Diocese,” the Bishop said. “This is yet another reminder to us that we all need to be praying for those affected by this virus and for our nation’s health providers, scientists and political and religious leaders. This is a time when we call upon our faith to give us the strength to respond not out of fear or panic, but with reasonable precautions, which was what we have done regarding ICYC,” the Bishop said.

“We thank our youth leaders, ministers and volunteers who work with our youth. We are confident that they will continue to equip our young people in the faith, and we look forward to seeing them at next year’s ICYC in what we trust and pray will be very different circumstances.”"

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